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Who We Are

The Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC) is a regional network of local science education organizations based in the Northern California Bay Area. BABEC is dedicated to increasing student understanding of key concepts in molecular biology and raising student awareness of applications and careers in biotechnology. In the process, BABEC is enabling systemic reform in an important area of science education by helping teachers bring relevant, thought-provoking, hands-on activities into the classroom. Read more...



Our Impact


2011-12 Academic Year:

*  383 Teachers Served  *  215 Schools Involved  *  45,176 StudentInteractions  *


What Teachers Say About Us

Results From a Feedback Survey, May 2013, 112 Respondents

90.2% of teachers recommend the BABEC curricula to other teachers without reservations 

89.2% of teachers say the BABEC curricula and reagents allow their students to more fully engage in hands-on science activities

82.1% of teachers say the BABEC curricula and reagents help their students to effectively learn new science concepts

89.3% of teachers say the BABEC curricula and reagents are relevant to the lives and learning interests of their students

89.3% of teachers say that BABEC helps them to provide more biotechnology curricula in their classes

84.9% of teachers say that BABEC helps them to improve their science knowledge & teaching

83.7% of teachers say that BABEC helps them to get more motivated about teaching biotechnology


Teacher Testimonials

"BABEC is tremendously valuable to me because I have an opportunity to use tools and equipment that would neverever be available otherwise, so that my students have some exposure to real world lab life and situations. BABEC is an invaluable ally in my instruction."

" The engagement of students performing these labs is amazing."

" BABEC has been a life saver in keeping teachers informed with cutting edge biotech info. and training."

" Allows economically disadvantaged students access to hands on & cutting edge lab."

Provides a terrific link to real world issues (ethical & political)."

" The kids LOVE these labs.  They feel like real scientists and gush about how much they enjoy them"

" I was trained in microbiology in 1979. BABEC helped me improve my personal knowledge of current genetics and lab techniques that I would not otherwise have gotten. Thank you BABEC."

" My BS in Biology did not have enough lab skill training and BABEC goes above and beyond making sure the teacher is prepared."

" I am introduced in the biotech skills that were not even in the realm of possibilities when I was in school! I would never have been exposed to, much less become skilled in biotechniques."

" Encourages leadership - After witnessing how positively my students' responded to these labs, I continue to push for more district support."

" I sort of think of it as a club with open arms, always ready to reach out to others and help wrap others into good science, either on or off their curricula."

" Having a network of other biotech teachers has been awesome."

" Students are really proud of themselves when they complete a biotechnology lab.  They feel like "real" scientists and they can relate the concepts to their everyday live."

" It allows students to better understand the impact that biotechnology will have on their lives."

"They could see themselves as part of the scientific community"

"Students love the genetic labs using babec equipment. they are fully engaged on every level. The equipment is of high quality. I cannot praise this program enough."















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