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Curricula and Labs

Currently BABEC supports the following curriculum modules with professional development, reagents and some equipment.  Developed and tested during the past five years, these curricula meet and, in some cases, exceed the recommendations of the National Science Education Standards and the State of California Science Standards.  Students model the scientific method: they hypothesize, experiment, collect and analyze their data, and support their conclusions with evidence, all in the context of contemporary issues in biotechnology.

*Curriculum marked with an asterisk an available for download in PDF file format.
  • Alu PV92* - Introduces students to PCR, issues of identity and issues of privacy.

  • Lambda* - PCR Amplification of a Segment of Bacteriophage Lambda DNA

  • mtDNA* - Students use mitochondrial DNA as a Molecular Clock

  • PCR Optimization* - Students learn how experimental variables affect the Polymerase Chain Reaction

  • D1S80* - Students use the VNTR Locus D1S80 for human identification (under development.)

  • pGLO Transformation - Eerie, neon green glowing bacteria

  • GFP Purification - "Secrets of the Rainforest"


Updated 2006-10-31

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